All Nephandi of level 18 or over are eligible to apply to the Guild.


Those interested are directed to the Guild’s recruiting room, located 4n 3e 2n of Darkhaven Square. Applicants should review the notes posted on the board there for further information.


Members of the GoN induction team can be identified by the tag “IT” in their title, and are responsible for guiding applicants through the application process. Leaders can also be approached. Please note all applicants are required to complete at least one interview, and two quests. Note that there is a minimum period of one week between application and induction, regardless of how quickly quests are completed. Applicants should be aware that their application may be voted on.


After reviewing the notes posted in the Stone room, the first step in applying to the Guild would be to post an application note there outlining at a minimum:


-         Your main character, and characters in other Guild/Orders/Clans/Councils (at the present time or in the past)

-         Your reasons for wishing to join the guild

-         The times you most often play RoD (remember there’s life outside your time zone too)

-         What aspects of RoD you are involved in (running, pk, rp, etc)


Once your application note is posted, contact an IT member or a Leader to arrange an interview.









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